About Skins

SkinStore Skin

Skin from SkinStore Skins allows you to make your iPhone unique and protect it from scratches. The invention of the skin was aimed at changing the way to protect devices, most cases reduce the cost and spoil the look of your device and therefore spoil its whole concept. Skin is created from high-quality materials when it is surgically precise cutting to achieve ideal proportions. When applied, it does not lose its shape and easily acquires a new one when applied to a device, and within a few days it takes root completely on your device. Let your iPhone aesthetics and elegant protection, you deserve it!

Why SkinStore?

1. Best Quality! Starting from the skin itself and ending with the packaging – absolutely everything is made from the best quality materials.
2. Price. Unlike Chinese copies of skins and their price, quality, set, you pay for every millimeter of the SkinStore product, and by overpaying 20-30%, you get a much stronger skin, a much more adhesive base and durability that will ensure minimal wear for a long time.
3. Uniqueness. We use only high quality and expensive materials to create SkinStore Skins. No other store offers even closely similar quality. We care about you and your device. Underline your style and uniqueness with SkinStore Skins.
4. Diversity. While the rest use cheap Chinese carbon films and try to sell you a low-quality monotonous product without a sense of taste, our approach is radically different. Your attention is a collection of Stone (stone), Carbon (carbon), OneColor (monochrome) skins for your iPhone. With each new purchase, you also invest in the development and creation of new collections of skins that will be available to you! Not convinced yet to buy SkinStore skins? Well, that’s not all, subscribe to our Instagram and learn more about SkinStore Skins!